Various Artists - NuNorthern Soul Restructured & Reworked by Andi Hanley

The inner workings of these tracks released on NuNorthern Soul have been handed to Andi Hanley for him to rework and re illustrate the musical journey as he see’s fit.

Stripping them away to their bare bones then restructuring them, Andi adds a hint of dance-floor flavour, dubbing out, and extending tracks to work on Balearic beaches and for late night Adriatic audio adventures.

For years Mancunian Andi, was one of the great things about New York City. A charming, low-key individual, and a great, great DJ

Andi held down the musical supervision of Rock Star games and was responsible for a lot of great music getting out to the gaming masses. He was a vital member of Body and Soul for the best part of 15 years, delivering infamous warm up sets for Danny Krivit, Joaquin ‘Joe’ Claussell and François K.

1 – B.J. Smith ‘Got So Long’ Andi Hanley Rework 3m 47s
2 – B.J. Smith ‘Hey Ya’ Andi Hanley Rework 7m 39
3 – B.J. Smith ‘Hold On To It’ Andi Hanley Rework 10m 29s
4 – B.J. Smith ‘If Only Sometimes’ Andy Hanley Rework 4m 40s
5 – B.J. Smith ‘Prototype’ Andy Hanley Rework 7m 25s
6 – B.J. Smith ‘Runnin’’ Andy Hanley Rework 9.42s
7 – B.J. Smith ‘Stars Festoon’ Andy Hanley Rework 8m 06s
8 – B.J. Smith ‘Umi Says’ Andy Hanley Rework 8m 06s
9 – B.J. Smith ‘We Could Sail’ Andy Hanley Rework 6m 47s
10 – Dos Palos ‘I’ve Been Around’ Andy Hanley Rework 5m 53s
11 – Dos Palos ‘Lady Of The Westway’ Andy Hanley Rework 7m 56s
12 – Dos Palos ‘Sugar Rush’ Andy Hanley Rework 7m 04s
13 – Private Agenda ‘Dusk’ Andy Hanley Rework 7m 09s
14 – Ragz Nordset ‘Sleep Dancing’ Andy Hanley Rework 7.58
15 – Ragz Nordset ‘You Started It All’ Andy Hanley Rework 11m 35s
16 – Ryo Kawasaki ‘Hawaiian Caravan’ Andy Hanley Rework 8m 45s

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