Ragz Nordset 'Sleepdancing' sampler [NUNS003]

Ragz Nordset 'Sleepdancing' sampler [NUNS003]

Ragz Nordset, an acoustic favourite in the North West of England for a number of years (where’s she’s supported the likes of Wild Beasts, Noah and the Whale and Laura Marling), ‘Sleepdancing’ channels a new electronic direction for the singer, which owes much to the production of Mario Leal. Mario’s previous work involves Mumford & Sons, Digitalique and the Tea Street Band, and the manner in which he harnesses the electronics alongside a classical influence brings out the ethereal and enchanting qualities of Ragz’ voice.

The four track EP set for release on April 15th, is designed specifically as a ‘story to be told’ via vinyl, with the double sided release segueing two tracks into each other to add to the individual quality of the songs. Side A starts off with the playful ‘You Started It All’, the rumbling sonics dovetailing with a gentle before the shuffling overtones of ‘More’ take over. Here the choral qualities of her voice come to the forefront to create a stirring paean to love, best encapsulated by the closing refrain that opines ‘We’ve all forgotten what the heart is for’.

The B-Side follows the same formula, with ‘New August’ backed by crunching percussion and haunting strings before melting outwards into the EP’s final song, ‘Sleepdancing’. The most evocative of the four tracks, it creates a rousing finale for the EP with its sweeping chords, finalising the narrative charm of the release.

Remixes by Ron Basejam, Capac and BJ Smith to follow.

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