Private Agenda

Private Agenda 2016 Press blue 2000x1101 copy Latin percussion, delicately layered synths, vibrant attire. Soaring pop choruses, a wash of melancholy guitar and a string of singles that could have been long-lost gems from disco’s heyday.

Having tastefully crafted their kaleidoscopic sound on a diet of obscure disco divas (Linda Di Franco, anybody?), the complete recordings of Compass Point studios and the hits of the 80s New Wave in the slightly ironic surroundings of a bleak German winter, their debut single, Déjà Vu quickly found a natural home on Mark Barrott’s acclaimed Balearic imprint, International Feel. Released in to much acclaim, Déjà Vu / Freefalling premiered on BBC1xtra, before being awarded a 9/10 review in Mixmag (UK). The vinyl sold out in a matter of weeks.

After a live debut at Berlin’s Prince Charles nightclub, follow-up single Paralysed (which included a remix from The leading house DJ, Gerd Janson) premiered on BBC Radio 1 before becoming Disco Single of the Month in Mixmag Germany and DJ Mag Italy’s Disco ‘Money Shot’. Soon after the band would host their own club night series at one of Berlin’s leading clubs, Farbferseher before launching their own label, Nightshift of the same name.

With a string of remixes and releases dropping for labels as varied as Mark Jones’ iconic Wall of Sound to the exclusive, vinyl-only Tusk Wax, Private Agenda have swiftly proven just as comfortable in the depths of Berlin’s underground as amongst pop’s leading lights on commercial radio.

The band’s latest single Full Moon ( which included a remix from Andy Butler of Hercules and Love Affair fame) was released in the Summer of 2016, premiering on Benji B’s BBC Radio 1 show, garnering praise from heavyweights in the dance underground. A brief UK tour followed in October 2016, with the band entering the studio to complete their debut LP.

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